A new bill may affect how Florida gun owners purchase ammunition. According to pending legislation, it may become illegal for anyone to purchase ammunition in Florida unless they have completed a class on anger management.

Our Miami gun trust attorneys break down how the potential law will regulate ammo purchases for Florida gun owners:

  1. Get ready to wait. A 3-day waiting period will be enforced for the purchase of ammunition for anyone who has not completed the ammo anger management class.
  2. Go back to school. Individuals will be required to take an ammo anger management class in order to waive the 3-day wait period.
  3. Go back to school again. The ammo anger management class will need to be taken again every 10 years in order to satisfy state requirements.

Although the bill is being met with opposition from Florida gun owners and stirring controversy over gun control, anger management courses should be fairly convenient to find and complete if they become mandatory. The current proposal outlines both in-person and online anger management courses would be acceptable, making it simple to enroll in state-approved courses for those owning guns in Florida who need to buy ammunition. The proposal also estimates the class will only last for about 2 hours. Violating the new regulations may result in at least 60 days in jail with the possibility of up to one year. Florida Senator Audrey Gibson says the class will probably cost $20.

Gun owners have the ability to leave detailed instructions regarding the use of their firearms in a gun trust. If Florida gun owners are concerned about the liability of beneficiaries who may receive their NFA and non-NFA items when they pass away, they can have a gun trust created or reviewed by our Miami gun trust attorneys to ensure all necessary terms are included to help prevent criminal implications.