A North Carolina gun law that will allow concealed carry in more locations is moving to the House. If the bill passes, North Carolina gun owners will be allowed to:
  • Have a gun at a restaurant where alcohol is served
  • Have a gun at a gathering where admission is charged
  • Store weapons in a locked vehicle on public and private university campuses and state government properties
Restaurants, universities, and government properties could still prohibit weapons on their premises. Public athletic fields, fitness centers and pools will also have control over designating their own concealed carry restrictions. However, greenways will not be permitted to do so.

Individuals who use a North Carolina gun trust to “own” their guns have the ability to appoint authorized users of their firearms, which allows for the legal sharing of weapons. It is common for the owner of a gun trust to appoint family members—a spouse or children—as authorized users. They may select individuals outside of their family as well. The current bill affecting North Carolina gun law will allow law enforcement officials to charge any adult who allows a child under the age of 12 to use a gun unsupervised. Currently, the law applies primarily to parents and guardians. It is never safe to allow a child to operate a firearm without supervision. However, if a child accidently accesses a firearm without an adult present—even if they are legally authorized to use it through a gun trust—the legal consequences will be much greater with the passing of the new bill.
The bill also strengthens penalties for firearm crimes. At least one additional year will be added on to prison terms for anyone who commits a felony with a firearm. (Currently, prison terms are only extended for the most violent felonies.)
Using a gun trust to help manage firearms minimizes legal risks for both the trust holder and their loved ones. A North Carolina gun trust attorney designs the trust specifically for your needs and addresses important laws unique to your firearms. Gun trusts can be created for both NFA and non-NFA items, allowing responsible gun owners the most legal protection available.