In mid-June 2013, lawmakers approved a bill that proposes to remove the requirement for a permit when purchasing handguns in North Carolina.

This potential law change was somewhat unexpected. A dozen other proposed gun law changes in North Carolina for 2013 were instituting new requirements for gun owners. New regulations and education mandates for hunting permits, limits of firearms on school properties, and restrictions for security guards are many of the details contained in possible legislation.
One focus of the changes is expanding the public areas where individuals will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. Part of the recent bill for removing permit requirements includes revisions to existing concealed carry restrictions. It opens many areas into approved places for concealed carry in North Carolina. Public schools and universities, restaurants, and parades are part of the acceptable spaces where individuals would be permitted to possess a firearm.
None of the proposed changes address North Carolina gun trusts specifically, but since the evolving laws change gun ownership requirements and liability in the state, owning firearms in a gun trust is an increasingly attractive and smart step in responsible gun ownership. Gun trusts can be used for NFA weapon purchases, firearms collection management, and education of younger generations with regard to the importance of gun safety and applicable laws.
Other states, like Florida, are proposing mandatory and routine anger management courses for gun owners. It’s important to stay up-to-date on law changes with many states in the South changing the landscape for existing and future gun owners. Like Southern Gun Law Group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get updates about gun law changes in North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida.