Just as there are many ways to acquire firearms—through buying or gifting—there are multiple ways to create a gun trust. Which method should you trust?

Choosing the do-it-yourself gun trust may be attractive because it fits your budget. DIY gun trusts usually get rave reviews in online forums from gun owners who spent less than an hour completing documents. Have these firearms owners ever witnessed their self-made gun trusts pass the test of the law? DIY gun trusts (or NFA trusts) are recognized for transferring firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), but this doesn’t mean gun owners are in the clear after an initial approval. BATFE may come around some time in the future and notice that something is wrong with your self-or-dealer-prepared gun trust, or improperly added trustees or beneficiaries could be arrested for violation of state and federal gun laws. These usually are not simple clerical errors to fix; once you or someone in your family has committed a crime it is too late. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
When you order forms for gun trusts online you open yourself to the risk that the forms are missing language that makes them legally binding. This means you are illegally possessing firearms. Is the cost of a felony conviction and a criminal act worth saving a few dollars on a document you cannot fully trust?
GunDocx® is a planning system used by lawyers who establish gun trusts. In addition to all the necessary forms required for a gun trust, this system was designed with the assistance of BATFE and is supported by over 200 attorneys.
Since GunDocx is only available through a lawyer, individuals can work with a local lawyer who will create a gun trust that specifically addresses each NFA and non-NFA item to be included. Working with a gun trust attorney also means you have someone to rely on if you have concerns about gifting guns or inheriting guns. If you’re interested in a gun trust in North Carolina, Florida or Tennessee, Southern Gun Law Group can help. If you’re out-of-state, our gun trust attorneys can refer you to someone in your local area.