Some North Carolina gun laws approved in 2013 that take effect in 2014 will need to be re-written. Applications for gun purchases will still face new reporting requirements, however, courts around the state will need to develop systems at the same time the laws are being revised.Ratified on July 24, 2013, part of HB 937 sets new reporting requirements across the Tar Heel State for individuals who are disqualified from owning a firearm after a background check. This adds to the responsibilities of court clerks who will be required to alert federal authorities whenever a criminal or a mentally incompetent individual attempts to acquire a firearm. Now that the law is approved, officials are concerned that the court system will not be able to adequately report denied gun transfers. There’s also a conflict in the type of information to be collected and submitted. North Carolina will require reporting information not required or desired by federal officials. Technological updates in the court system are now being discussed as well as a plan to implement changes before July 1, 2014, which is when the law goes into effect.

The other item being addressed again by lawmakers involves drafting a clear definition of individuals who use or are addicted to illegal drugs. Once this is clarified, lawmakers will need to develop a system that effectively identifies these individuals so that courts will report drug users under the terms set forth in the new law.
According to local news reports, lawmakers won’t touch upon these issues until next year. For updates on North Carolina gun laws, follow Southern Gun Law Group’s gun trust attorneys on Facebook and Twitter.