The hot political debates on gun control are prompting gun rights advocates to push new legislation. Citing the Bill of Rights’ 2nd and 10th Amendments, the Senate Bill 1607—if passed into law—will prohibit the federal government’s authority over firearm regulations in Tennessee. The amendment also provides criminal consequences for individuals who try to enforce federal law. The criminal charges involve misdemeanor and felony classes and are proposed to include any person, including state public officials, employees, and agents.
One section proposed in the amendment states:
A firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition that is present in this state or is owned or possessed by an individual or entity in this state is not subject to any federal enactment or federal enforcement action. The rights of an individual or entity relative to firearms, firearms accessories or ammunition shall not be subject to any federal enactment or federal enforcement action in this state.
Although it is important for all responsible firearms owners to consider creating and funding a gun trust now—in light of the forthcoming federal gun trust changes later in 2014—procuring and possession of firearms in Tennessee may have greater protections if Senate Bill 1607 passes into law. The federal changes are expected in June, and Tennessee’s amendments would go into effect on July 1st. What remains to be seen is how the federal government would respond to such legislation. Our gun trust attorneys in Tennessee can review various gun trust options and help gun owners choose one that offers the most flexibility, protection, and freedom.