Our gun trust attorneys have blogged about gun insurance policies (where some jurisdictions are proposing that gun owners have certain insurance). Another insurance-related issue is that property and auto insurance providers may deny coverage to gun owners due to liability concerns.

Senate Bill 424 was approved by the Florida Senate in March, and approved by the House in April. The bill offers protections to gun owners in Florida. Lawmakers have drafted standards that constitute as unfair discrimination when it comes to writing insurance policies for individuals who own firearms. If passed into law, the bill prevents insurance companies from denying coverage, canceling policies, or raising rates for individuals who lawfully own or possess firearms or ammunition.
The proposed law would also prevent insurance companies and agents from disclosing policyholder information that references firearms to others.
This can help prevent gun owners in Florida from being denied car insurance or homeowners’ coverage. It also helps preserve their privacy. Although it is illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against firearms owners, gun owners have not received legal protection under Florida’s unfair insurance trade laws—until Senate Bill 424.
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