Guns & Ammo Magazine released their annual national ranking of ‘Best States for Gun Owners’ and once again all three states Southern Gun Law Group’s gun trust attorneys serve made the Top 5 in the southeastern region, and jumped a few spots to make the Top 20 nationally.

The list is amended annually based on changes in gun registration requirements, number of gun ranges, Castle Doctrine laws, state NFA regulations, regulations on Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), and carry laws.

State Rank in the Southeast Rank in the US
Georgia 1 3
Florida* 2 10
South Carolina 3 15
Tennessee* 4 16
North Carolina* 5 19

*States Southern Gun Law Group’s gun trust attorneys serve.
See 2013 Rankings here.

Florida fell two spots nationally since last year when it was the #1 state in the South to own a gun. “The Gunshine State” imposes no restrictions on NFA items, MSRs, and magazines. The gun-friendly environment in Florida is no secret to residents—this past year brought record-breaking gun sales in Florida. With more gun permits than any other state, learn more about NFA gun trusts in Florida.
Tennessee experienced the most improvement out of states in the South. Tennessee moved up seven spots nationally. The concealed carry environment and lack of registration requirements, combined with no NFA item restrictions have made gun ownership simple. Nearly half of state residents own firearms.
North Carolina held a stable position nationally, and dropped only one spot in southern states. Aside from statewide legislation permitting guns (locked in vehicles) on public college and university campuses (unless the school mandates otherwise) and in establishments that serve alcohol (unless the bar or restaurant posts signage banning possession), no notable legislation was enacted affecting firearms owners.
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