A few dozen bills were signed into law by Florida’s governor in late May 2015. One of the new laws offers added freedoms to gun owners during a state of emergency.

Individuals in Florida who do not have a concealed carry permit are now lawfully permitted to carry a firearm during a declared state of emergency. In the past, individuals without a concealed carry permit residing in or taking cover in areas where officials impose mandatory evacuations would have broken the law if they took their firearms with them. Under the new law, any individual can carry a firearm during a mandatory evacuation. Individuals have 48 hours during a state of emergency (which can be extended by the governor) to pack firearms without a permit.

Florida has experienced devastation over the years due to hurricane damage, floods, wildfires, and tornadoes. In the past century alone, hundreds of cyclones hit Florida, as well as one of only three Category 5 hurricanes ever to hit the United States. State officials impose mandatory evacuations when planning for natural disasters. Firearms collections could be damaged by weather or natural disasters if left behind, or stolen by thieves who target evacuated areas. The new law could help non-licensee firearms owners protect themselves and their assets.

Transportation of firearms during a state of emergency in Florida is governed by the new provisions. The new law does not amend the process individuals need to take when relocating with firearms. Click the following link to read more from our gun trust attorneys regarding the required documentation firearms owners need to complete before and after their move – both for relocations in-state and out-of-state.

It might not be possible to remain safe and preserve one’s firearms during an emergency. Learn more about Florida gun insurance. (Legal protections passed state lawmakers in 2014.) To ensure documents for guns and accessories are properly structured for current use and the future benefit of beneficiaries, contact one of our gun trust attorneys in Miami.