The cost of hunting licenses in Tennessee rose on July 1, 2015. Depending on the type of license a hunter requires, their fee might rise by $1.50 to more than $350.00. (Cost adjustments reference, respectively, fees for non-resident 7 day hunting no big game permit and a lifetime license for ages 13-50.) The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency imposes the fees and uses the proceeds for maintenance of education programs, wildlife management, and fisheries. Click the following link for a list of the various license costs.

It has been a decade since the last time Tennessee hunting fees increased. Officials cite rising fuel, fish food, education, and maintenance costs as a catalyst for the adjusted license fees.

The rising fees affect a large number of state residents and visitors who come to the state for the outdoors. More than 168,000 whitetail deer were harvested in Tennessee in 2014. The northwestern and southern parts of Tennessee are some of the top areas for deer hunting, according to Game and Fish Magazine. Giles, Lincoln, and Fayette are the top three counties in the state for deer hunting.

The new license fees also apply to individuals who do not own firearms, such as fisherman and individuals using Wildlife Management areas.

Earlier this year, lawmakers proposed changes to a number of laws affecting firearms ownership and acquisition in Tennessee. Ranging from permit changes to tax matters, our gun trust attorneys provide more details and links to current statuses about each gun law proposal here.