According to, Florida issued an average of 125 concealed carry permits daily in a 60-day period late this summer. The state was ordered to expedite permits for active duty military and veterans. This order came immediately following the July 16, 2015 terrorist attack at two military centers in Tennessee.

In order to qualify for the fast-track concealed carry permit in Florida, individuals must either:
  • Provide a copy of their Common Access Card (CAC), current orders, or other official military identification if they are active duty, or
  • Provide a copy of their DD-214 if they were honorably discharged
The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently announced that individuals in the fast-track program are experiencing a waiting period of less than a week. (The non-expedited service is usually 30 days.) More than 7,500 permits were issued in two months.
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By Attorney Samantha Reichle