The number of firearms possessed by individuals in your state likely equals the total firearm power of another country. Real estate website Movoto recently created an infographic that visually displays a comparison between the total firearms ownership in every state and a country with equivalent firepower. Our country’s smallest state, Rhode Island, is on par with New Zealand.

How do the states served by our gun trust law firm compare?


Tennessee (5,635,341 guns owned) is roughly equivalent to South Africa
North Carolina (8,467,509 guns owned) is roughly equivalent to Turkey
Florida (16,695,563 guns owned) is roughly equivalent to Mexico


Movoto’s comparisons are approximate, with figures for various countries’ gun ownership extracted from 2007 Swiss reports, while the U.S. numbers came from the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau. It is possible that the number of firearms owned in these states is more than what is reflected in the figures above —especially with reports of Florida as a top concealed carry state in the South and booming gun permit applications in North Carolina.


As both the number of firearms in an individual’s inventory, as well as the number of persons owning firearms, increase, the need for responsible estate planning with firearms grows as well. How will guns be distributed to family members upon the owner’s death? Are surviving family members authorized to possess the firearm(s), or will they unintentionally commit a felony by possessing or disposing of the item(s)? Custom gun trusts provide explicit provisions for the distribution and disposition of firearms, while minimizing the risks involved when owning NFA items. Learn about various gun trust options.

By Attorney Samantha Reichle