Tennessee implemented new fees and requirements for certain gun permits effective January 1, 2017. The changes provide for a reduced lifetime handgun carry permit fee.

The fee for a lifetime permit has dropped to $200 from a previous $500 fee. However, additional fee items and restrictions to review:

  1. New permit holders. First-time permit applicants must pay a $100 application fee. The new $200 lifetime permit fee is in addition to the application fee.
  2. Upgrading restrictions. Permit holders interested in ‘upgrading’ to a lifetime permit are not eligible for lifetime status until their existing permit has expired or is within 6 months of expiring.
  3. Relocation. Termination occurs when existing permit holders, including lifetime permit holders, move out of Tennessee and establish residency in an alternate jurisdiction. Permit holders who relocate and then move back to Tennessee prior to expiration of the permit can request reissuance, however this requires an additional application fee.
When managing important documents for firearms and gun collections, consider how these matters would be handled if the gun owner became incapacitated or died. If applying for a lifetime permit or acquiring new firearms, plan for long-term firearms management to prevent accidental felonies and mismanagement by surviving family. Gun trusts can be established for both NFA and non-NFA items and may be amended at any point during the grantor’s lifetime, which is helpful for adding or removing beneficiaries, transferring items, and providing clear guidance for management or disposition.

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