Buying a Silencer With a Gun Trust

Q: I have developed some hearing problems unrelated to gun use and I’ve decided to buy a suppressor. Should I create a trust before acquiring a silencer?

A: You may be attracted by the primary advantage of using a gun trust to own suppressors: Multiple persons can legally use the items, and transferring firearms to beneficiaries in trust is easier.

When purchasing a new suppressor with a trust, you will need a copy of your trust and Schedule A filled out to list the suppressor. The trust and Schedule are sent in to the ATF along with Form 4. Do not rely on any trusts that are not created by an experienced lawyer for the express purpose of managing firearms. The risk of fine and imprisonment is simply too great. We recommend buying your suppressor with a check in your trust’s name, or simply with cash. If you pay by personal check you may face transfer issues since you individually purchased the item and not the trust.