Florida NFA Gun Trust Attorney

There are more gun permits in Florida than any other state. In recent years, Florida has been given the nickname “The Gunshine State.” With so many gun owners, how many are protecting themselves and their firearms with a gun trust? Not enough.

Firearms are assets that need to be protected and transferred safely. Not doing so leaves you and those who use your guns susceptible to criminal liability. Creating a gun trust is important to responsible gun owners. A trust for NFA weapon ownership provides many benefits. Only a few of the benefits include: Lawful sharing of weapons, confidentiality, and owning a gun without a local CLEO signature.

Southern Gun Law Group serves Florida gun owners through our Miami office. A Florida NFA gun trust attorney at our firm can help new and existing gun owners form specialized trusts that are designed for Class III weapons. Whether you are an avid hunter, target shooter, or you want to pass down a family firearms collection, a gun trust is the safest possible way to acquire, own, and transfer weapons.

Florida is not a traditional open carry state, and their gun laws differ from other states in the South. When we work with an individual, a Florida gun trust attorney leverages knowledge of state and federal laws to create a custom trust outfitted for your specific needs. A carefully created gun trust will address specific legal issues associated with NFA and non-NFA weapons and allow you the flexibility to update it as you need. If you have just moved to Florida and had an existing trust established in another state, it may not be valid. A routine review of your trust by an attorney will direct you to issues that may come up under the state’s laws.