Benefits of a GunDocx® Trust

Southern Gun Law Group uses GunDocx®, a custom planning system for development of gun trusts. GunDocx® trust plans are comprehensive planning systems, with detailed instructions and supporting documents.  GunDocx® trusts come in various budget levels based on one’s needs and goals, and can include counsel sessions. Whether one is an enthusiastic collector of military memorabilia, or an individual with a sentimental firearm as part of a family legacy, a gun trust attorney can help identify which trust is optimal.
Those who use GunDocx® enjoy:
  • No annual state and registration fee requirements
  • Probate avoidance
  • Power to assign specific guns to appointed persons
  • Prevention of accidental felonies should someone use or transfer a firearm as a sale, gift or bequest (ability to legally share use of weapons)
  • Risk-free ownership and transfers of firearms to those named in the trust
  • Preservation of privacy, property, family and loved ones
Our gun trust law firm practices in North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee, but our network of GunDocx® lawyers spans the nation. Our network is also beneficial to individuals who relocate and find themselves navigating new estate planning and gun laws in their new home state. We’re happy to connect you with a lawyer in your jurisdiction if you reside out of our practice areas.
Have questions about this special estate planning program for firearms? Request a consultation with a gun trust attorney.