Sample ATF Form 4 For NFA Gun Trusts

Why do you need an ATF Form 4? The Form 4 is an Application For Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm that the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) requires whenever firearms are transferred. (Required only for NFA Class III items like suppressors, sawed off shotguns and short barreled rifles.) For those who have formed or are forming an NFA gun trust, the form is fairly simple to complete.

How do you fill out an ATF Form 4? The Southern Gun Law Group has a sample ATF Form 4 below. Read our NFA trust lawyers’ simple instructions and compare the sample form to your own form to prevent errors. Don’t make the mistake of speeding through the document since it is easy to fill out. An error on a Form 4 could delay the transfer of firearms for an extra 30 days or more.
  1. The first page ONLY requires the name of the trust and NOT the trustee. Example:
    Trust Name
    Trust Street Address
    Trust City/State/Zip
  2. Page 2 ONLY requires the name of the person picking up the NFA firearm, who MUST be a trustee.
  3. Page 3 must include all ‘responsible persons’ as defined by the ATF. This includes all trustees and beneficiaries.
  4. The ATF Form 4 is a document with triplicate pages: Two copies are submitted to the ATF and one of these copies will be returned to you. The third copy is sent to the CLEO in your county. Each of these documents must be filled out the same. Pay careful attention to the labels in the footer of each page as these will guide you in properly collating and mailing the documents. Contact a gun trust attorney if you have questions.
  5. Signatures must be written in blue or black ink on all copies.
It’s imperative that you do not blindly sign an ATF Form 4 without carefully reviewing it. Using or signing an improperly completed Form 4 could expose yourself and those involved in the firearms transfer to unintentional criminal liability. Always check with a gun trust attorney to determine if any special language is required.