Gun trusts provide an organized legal means of using, sharing, and preserving both NFA and conventional firearms. The risks of accidental felonies regarding possession of NFA items and problems with firearms in probate are high when a gun trust is not used. Not only can these estate planning tools help direct maintenance and control in the event the trust creator is incapacitated, but they also allow firearms to avoid probate and pass directly to trust beneficiaries upon the creator’s death.

A gun trust is a revocable living trust developed exclusively for guns. Essentially, this is an estate plan for firearms. Gun trusts may be altered by the trust creator at any time, allowing for maximum flexibility to respond to a growing family, life changes, and changes in the law.

These estate planning tools may include items that are challenging to acquire and transfer under federal gun law, such as those regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA). A customized gun trust can address a single item, a collection, and both NFA and non-NFA items.

Southern Gun Law Group supports responsible estate planning for firearms by developing gun trusts through a sophisticated planning system called GunDocx®. This system is designed to help individuals legally acquire, own, share and transfer firearms the way they want.

Our firm creates gun trusts in North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee, states with historic military moments, hunting communities, and a proud gun culture. These states also consistently rank as some of the best places to own firearms. While legislation may be favorable in the South, the protean nature of law makes it important to consult a lawyer. Individuals will find that a gun trust attorney at Southern Gun Law Group has experience in estate planning and tax law in addition to gun law. This helps guide careful and comprehensive planning. Call 919-636-0950 or complete our form to speak with a gun trust attorney.