How to Prepare for Your Consultation With a Gun Trust Attorney

Schedule a conference with our gun trust attorney by calling our office at 919-636-0950 or completing the contact form below.

If you have an existing NFA trust you have concerns about, please email a copy to

For those interested in establishing a new gun trust, how you prepare for a consultation depends on the type of trust that effectively meets your unique needs. Types of gun trusts:

Silver – Versatile option that universally manages every type of firearm. Individuals interested in this type of trust enjoy a 15-minute consultation at no charge. Our most popular option – $695

Gold – This selection is ideal for multi-generational planning and substantial firearms collections. Those seeking long-term planning, separate trust shares, and specialized provisions are best suited for this option. Up to a one-hour consultation is available for $300.00. (This fee is credited if you hire us for your gun trust.) Cost varies

For individuals requiring a plan for 1-2 NFA firearms, we also have a Bronze option that requires minimal administration ($395). Our firm can send you a simple form to complete and no consultation is necessary. The names of your successor trustee and beneficiaries are required before we can complete the trust. We will email you the forms to provide this information.

While creating a gun trust without a lawyer is possible, DIY trusts can cause problems. Outdated documents, improper wording, unintentional errors, or insufficient planning could cause costly and/or criminal penalties for the trust grantor, trustees, and beneficiaries. Practical and responsible planning for a single firearm or a large collection can help protect all parties named in the trust. You’re taking a proactive and conscientious step in speaking with a gun trust attorney.