Have a Question About a Gun Trust?

If you have a question about North Carolina, Florida or Tennessee gun trusts, or just need legal guidance on gun law information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Southern Gun Law Group. We have sample documents, like an ATF Form 4 Sample, and other materials to help you form a valid gun trust.

  1. Why do I need a gun trust, can’t I just use a revocable living trust for my firearms? There are pros and cons to this, we discuss them here.
  2. What paperwork do I need as a gun owner when I move out-of-state? We explain it here and can answer your questions.
  3. What features should my gun trust have? When you are exploring the benefits of gun trusts, you probably want to compare the different options available to you. The gun trust attorneys at Southern Gun Law Group have prepared a checklist that details how you can compare gun trusts.
  4. I don’t need a complicated gun trust. What are my options? Follow the link to see the added benefits and restrictions different gun trust options offer.
  5. Should I create a trust before acquiring a silencer? Learn the documents necessary for adding a silencer to an existing trust or including one when forming a new trust.
  6. Do I have to disclose all my firearms to an attorney when preparing a gun trust? Learn about the privacy levels gun trusts offer for gun collectors.
  7. What ATF Forms are required for ‘responsible persons’ when submitting gun trust documents? Access the required ATF Form needed for applications.
  8. What is a GunDocx® Trust and how is it different than any other gun trust? Explore the Benefits of a GunDocx® Trust.
  9. How does a a gun trust work? Learn about gun trust administration.
  10. What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t use a gun trust? Many things can go wrong without proper planning. Read the risks of gun ownership without a trust.

With years of experience in administering gun trusts, the Southern Gun Law Group will answer your questions about gun laws, NFA firearms trusts and more.