Responsibly owning firearms requires proper paperwork. If you are relocating, have you considered what paperwork is required when transporting firearms to your new address?

Although no federal permit is required, transporting NFA items (such as short-barreled rifles and shotguns and automatic weapons) within the same state and across state lines require documentation. Whenever a permanent residence changes from the one listed on the ATF Form 4, the ATF must be notified.

Documents Required Moving Within the Same State
Permanent change of address for intrastate relocations with NFA firearms require an ATF Form 20. This form can be submitted after your move.
Documents Required Moving Out of State
The ATF Form 20 applies to all interstate transportation of firearms. Interstate transports of NFA firearms require submittal and approval by ATF. This form must be filed before transferring NFA firearms across state lines—both for permanent and temporary transfers. This does not apply to suppressors. Temporary transports of suppressors across state lines do not require ATF notification.
There are also state regulations for transportation procedures. Legal transport of firearms is recognized in the majority of states that follow The General Rule: Unloaded, cased, and locked in the trunk of an automobile. When moving, also check city regulations. Some metropolitan areas have transport requirements unique to their area. North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida all follow The General Rule for NFA firearms transportation.
The legal transportation of firearms takes care and advanced planning. Print out two copies (you will need to submit two) of the ATF Form 20 here and have them submitted and approved in time for your move.