Gun owners with multiple firearms benefit from developing an organized firearms inventory. Documentation of firearms eases regular maintenance and administration for the owner and their family.

At times, some collectors resist creating a formal inventory due to privacy and security concerns. Sentimental and valuable items could be the target of theft. However, responsible gun ownership involves safe and prudent practices, both in storing the physical firearms and overseeing their maintenance.

An up-to-date inventory provides a clear overview of firearms for estate planning purposes. Coordinating how gun collections will be managed upon one’s death or incapacitation, whether as an entirety or as individual items, is less complicated with organized documentation. Individuals who plan to use or currently have a gun trust as part of their estate plan can keep a current inventory with their trust documents. These inventories are completely confidential. The trust grantor is not required to provide a firearms inventory to a gun trust attorney. (While optional, it is helpful to review firearms with an attorney as some items may prompt different planning methods.)

Gun owners also benefit from gun inventory preparation if they have special insurance in place to cover loss or theft of their collectibles. Depending on the size of one’s collection, it may be difficult to determine which firearms were stolen in the event of theft. An inventory can help easily alert insurance providers and authorities of the exact item(s) stolen.

Collectors who are relocating or transporting firearms can rely on an organized inventory for travel planning, transport, and confirming all items reach the new destination. Whether traveling due to a permanent move or for a short-term hunting trip, advance planning is needed. Our gun trust attorney provides an overview of the travel documents required for in-state and out-of-state NFA firearms transports. Maintaining a list of firearms, including serial numbers and other identifying information found directly on the items, helps collectors plan properly to comply with laws and regulations.
If an individual is unsure about the best means of managing a large firearms collection, including planning for future transfers or dispositions, simply schedule a time to speak with a gun trust attorney. While hard copy means are always available, digital options might be attractive for some collectors. Special software, applications, and other online tools could help facilitate tracking items.